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Easter Journey is a presentation of the Easter story in a similar style to Christmas Journey. Christmas Journey has been put on for the past three years by Frodsham Churches Together for year 2 children from local primary schools. Easter Journey is designed for year 5 children.

Easter Journey Presentations

Easter Journey in Frodsham is scheduled again for March 2010. Just before Easter, Year 5 children will experience more about events in Jesus' life. They will take part in an Easter Journey to discover the things that happened during the week of Jesus' death. Through role-play, storytelling and listening they travel through the palm-waving celebrations in Jerusalem of Palm Sunday and the clearing of market traders from the temple. They take part in the last supper with the disciples, listening in on what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane and hearing about Jesus' cruel death on the cross on Good Friday. They experience for themselves some of the emotions felt by those who knew Jesus well. The story doesn't end there, of course, and they discover what happened three days later on the very first Easter morning when the tomb was found to be empty!

The journey is hosted by Churches Together in Frodsham at Main Street Community Church.

The first Easter Journey presentations were in March 2007 and have been repeated each year since then. They were led by Martyn Payne of BRF Barnabas in Churches with a team working alongside, most of whom have been part of the Christmas Journey team.

You can also read Martyn Payne’s vivid description of the event (on the BRF/Barnabas in Churches web site).

What happens on an Easter Journey

Take part in an Easter Journey to discover the things that happened during the week of Jesus' death. These include:

The story doesn't end there, of course. They also

Tell His laws to your children over and over again. (Deuteronomy 6 verse 6)

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